Case study:
primo ceramic grills

the only ceramic grill made in the usa

primo ceramic grills


When I came on board as marketing director for Primo, they had distributors in the US and Europe with their respective dealer networks. Their marketing elements consisted of an outdated website, forum, and a base set of print materials. The goal was to restructure the brand and create higher awareness and support the two-step distribution method.

The marketing strategy focused on four segments: distributors, dealers,  affinity partners, and consumers. Each required different types of support, with some overlap on the marketing elements. The first step was to change the name from Primo Grills & Smokers to Primo Ceramic Grills and update the logo because it more accurately described the product.

Alex was responsible for developing our online presence by creating a new website, social media channels, and email marketing. I was responsible for developing and implementing the marketing strategy, deepening our business relationships, customer support, and creative direction. The latter involved graphic design, photography, copywriting.

Our duties overlapped in the areas of asset management, social media moderation, and sales support.

I discovered that two of the essential functions of understanding the buyer persona was reading and responding to the emails that came in from the website and experiential events.

Reading and engaging over 5,000 emails from potential and existing customers made helped develop a buyer persona, and the areas to focus on for product improvement and development. National events like Barrett Jackson Car Auctions, NASCAR, and partnering with Jack Daniel’s were also a valuable venue to have a conversation with our audience and demonstrate the products.

Grill thermometer

I discovered that it was not about the products; it was about the experience, the ritual of cooking over a fire, the satisfaction of making exceptional food, and enjoying it with others.

This realization inspired the tagline, “When it’s all about the food, it has to be Primo.”

  • Stemmed -33% sales decline and increased revenue 14% yearly.
  • Increased Facebook following 866% and Twitter following 1300%.
  • Delivered a 3,600% increase of Instagram followers.

Additional brand awareness came from national promotions like the Fire and Ice and the Tax Holiday campaigns, cross-over partnerships with other brands, and event marketing.

I should note that a two-person team did all of the creative and marketing work. It was performed by me and my support person Alex. Others have pointed out that two people couldn’t develop the structure and create the amount of content that came about, but in fact, it is true.