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Today, every business needs some level of digital strategy. It can include a website, social media channels, and digital advertising. There are over two billion websites, many of which support brands as being informational or with eCommerce.

Having a website is merely the first step in representing your brand. The site’s structure will help you rank on the first page in SERP (search engine results page). It’s the pages you see when you use a search engine. It involves using accurate keywords, meta tags, and internal and external links. A website should be a living, breathing organism. Search engines like webpages with quality content (typically 300 words). They also like fresh content monthly. That’s why blogs and white papers are a core strategy of inbound marketing. Finally, measuring the results helps you understand the type of visitors that come to your site and create content for them.

If you have an eCommerce site, data measurement is critical. You can track data such as searches within your site, page traffic, abandoned carts, etc. Just as important is monitoring purchases to avoid fraud. Credit card companies are not on the side of protecting businesses when it comes to fraudulent payments and chargebacks. There is much more I can say on this subject.

Social media channels are an excellent way to engage with potential and existing customers. Once again, content is vital. Depending on your product or service, posting new product announcements, special offers, contests, and how-to videos keep you first in mind with your followers. Advertising brings added value to these channels. Customize campaigns based on narrowly defined demographics, create multiple campaigns for A B testing and adjust your ads based on the performance.

Digital campaigns through search engines and their display networks are another option for locating and putting your message in front of your intended market. There is a plethora of options for creating ad campaigns. Set positive and negative keywords, headlines, descriptions, ad extensions, and more.

An effective integrated marketing strategy ensures that your message is consistent and clear and, most important, motivates your market to respond.

digital Projects

icebox ice

A manufacturer of nugget ice vending kiosks for retailers. Icebox Ice kiosks offer higher profits, 24-hour sales, and a superior product compared to standard bags of cube ice. Their customer base includes convenience stores, grocery stores, package stores, marinas, and service stations. Nugget ice is one of the most popular types of ice on the market.


Pete Nowaskey and his team are custom motorcycle builders specializing in high-performance Harley-Davidson® touring models. Nowaskey Extreme Performance creates ground-up custom cycles, full-service repair, installation, and a line of brand-name performance products. They also have a race team in the BRL and MotoAmerica circuits.


Biochar is nature’s way of rejuvenating the soil to promote the healthy growth of plants and trees by adding char (charcoal) into gardens, lawnscapes, and potted plants. Biochar6 manufacturers carbon negative biochar by converting post-production wood into a reusable source for consumers and businesses.


The client’s primary service offering is managing the business operations for independent and small anesthesiology groups. The new venture of Elevation Anesthesia Partners is the blending of three existing management groups. A new brand was developed and an informational website for existing and prospective clients.

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