Case study:
wallace graphics


In 1987, John Wallace founded his print shop in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the years, it grew from a small print shop into a full-service printing business that offers digital and offset printing, large format printing, direct mail services, and fulfillment. They serve regional, national, and global companies such as The Home Depot, Mizuno, and Porsche.

Initially, Mediarail was brought in to develop a sales kit to showcase their printing and other related services. After reviewing the creative questionnaire and their current collateral, the recommendation was first to update the brand visually. The creative direction for the logo mark and tagline was to convey the color accuracy and quality of their print production and the wide variety of services offered.

Wallace Graphic printing press

The font used for the logo mark is FF Meta. It is a clean, modern look and is readable at a small size. Initially designed for the German Federal Post Office, it is popular in Europe. The inspiration for the icon comes from the periodic table of elements to convey the scope and accuracy of Wallace’s services. The tagline, “Full circle print solutions.” supports the icon and logo mark visual message.

The creative direction for the sales presentation was to communicate that Wallace Graphics is a thought leader in printing, offers a full range of services, and is a socially responsible printer. By its nature, printing is a very technical process. With those aspects in mind, the sales kit’s introduction includes 12 benefits to communicate that Wallace Graphics understands the power of printed material.

Printing is technical, but most prospective customers are unfamiliar with the process. The text is written in plain English with no technical jargon, so a prospective customer could easily understand the service offerings. Images from nature help communicate that Wallace Graphics uses sustainable practices in its print production.

Murals of nature throughout the facility reinforce the sustainable message, and a mural in the client room mirrors the power of printing. Later, a video was also produced to offer potential customers a virtual tour of the Wallace Graphics print facility.

Other services provided: design services, direct mail campaign, press releases, copywriting, photography, and visuals for client proposals.


It is impossible to quantify the direct impact or revenue from the updated brand, sales kit, and other elements that were developed. Wallace Graphics is an exceptional printer with the same level of service. They experience double-digit growth annually.

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