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As a child, I was fascinated with anything related to advertising: billboards, TV commercials, company slogans, and logos. I enjoyed recreating them to what I envisioned. Today, the creative arts that intrigued me at a very young age has continued into my adult life.
I am fortunate to have creative and organizational abilities, which typically do not go together. I get an enormous amount of satisfaction in exploring new ideas and bringing them to life.
Mediarail Design founder Derald Schultz
In college, one of my marketing classes was with a professor who consulted for local ad agencies. My final project was to create a marketing campaign for a regional grocery store chain. I developed the tagline, "A Family Tradition" for my campaign. Six months after graduation, a TV commercial for the grocery store appeared with the same slogan. I don't believe it was a coincidence, and I wasn't disappointed. It validated my creative ability.
I am an avid reader with a mix of business topics and pleasure reading. Other than life experience, reading has contributed significantly to my professional and personal growth.


The inspiration for the name “Mediarail” is based on my belief that the best creative work comes from a blend of creative talent and production expertise. Developing a project is a set of destinations: research, information, concept, production, and delivery. Similar to a train moving from destination to destination.
As the founder of Mediarail Design, I develop the creative direction for every project. Depending on the scope of work I partner with other trusted professionals and vendors. I enjoy taking concepts to completion for diverse markets across the country.
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Throughout my career, I have developed a broad set of skills that revolve around creativity and marketing. I am a doer as much as I am a delegator, so my background includes creative direction, photography, copywriting, to name a few. I enjoy bringing in others to complete a project, but my passion is the creative process.
Outside of work, my passions include jogging enough to support my love for outdoor cooking, reading, and football. I am fortunate that my wife, Suzanne, and son Jack keeps me humble, lighthearted, and balanced in life.

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