An excellent analogy for successful marketing is a train traveling from destination to destination. The cars represent the creative elements: research, design, copywriting, photography, etc. The destinations are the media channels such as print, digital, and experiential events. In short, exceptional creative work and a strategy to deliver your message on target and on time. That is Mediarail.

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When I tell others what I do to make money, it’s not uncommon to get the response, “I could never do that. I’m not creative.” That may or may not be valid. Creativity is more of a puzzle than a mystery. It takes information, time, trial and error, and finally, execution.

Doing the research, seeing a solution form, and coming to life is incredibly satisfying. Devote enough effort to each, and you’ll likely arrive at a creative solution.

Derald Schultz owner of Mediarail



Derald Schultz

Few things bring me greater satisfaction than developing a concept, seeing it come to life, and achieving or exceeding the intended goal. I approach every project with a dual perspective; one as the intended audience and the other as the stakeholder. Each creative solution is unique and has its own challenges and opportunities. It’s exciting to play a significant role in it.


My educational background is in marketing and printing, and it’s an excellent foundation for the value and skill set I’ve built since college. I’m an avid reader and enjoy a variety of topics, from psychology to marketing, history, and fiction. All the genres expand my interest and understanding of what I do professionally. To be candid, what I’ve learned and experienced in the real world far outweighs the traditional learning to achieve the degrees.

I did not specialize in any one area of creative services and marketing. As a generalist, I found it more satisfying to gain experience in graphic design, photography, copywriting, and WordPress. I started in a printing plant’s shipping and receiving department, eventually working up to the prepress department. It was a union shop, and I was ultimately allowed to work in five different journeymanships. After 15 years, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and took a position with a commercial trade printer. I taught myself desktop publishing and built up enough of a client base to start Mediarail.

New challenges inspire rather than intimidate me, whether it’s a new discipline or marketing in a new industry. Some clients prefer someone who has worked in their category, but I’m afraid I have to disagree. Bringing a fresh approach is a catalyst for finding a creative solution that may not have been considered in the past.

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